In today’s dynamic business landscape, exceptional software goes beyond standalone solutions.

At TriggerAppy, we understand that the true power of your business lies in the seamless collaboration of your digital ecosystem.

Our Systems Integration services ensure that your software not only automates essential business processes but also establishes a harmonious dialogue with an array of tools and services from various providers.

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, serve as the crucial linkages within a codebase, connecting disparate systems seamlessly. Though often concealed, they play an indispensable role in the functionality of most contemporary tech solutions. It’s a rarity to encounter a system devoid of reliance on third-party functions or data.

We take pride in our extensive expertise in integrating diverse APIs across various companies and industries. Navigating the intricacies of each poses unique challenges, and we understand that there’s a nuanced approach – a right and a wrong way – to accomplish this integration. Trust us to handle the complexity, ensuring a seamless blend of functionalities for your technological ecosystem.

Integrated Systems

TriggerAppy has amassed a wealth of knowledge and best practices in numerous diverse integrations.

Our SaaS solutions adopt a back-end system-agnostic approach, providing our clients with a distinct advantage. This approach enables them to seamlessly port their applications across different back-end service systems without the necessity for new apps. Consequently, this helps avoid the business disruption that would otherwise occur, offering our clients a smooth and efficient transition between systems.

Here is an example selection of the 3rd party systems we have integrated.

Private Hire Despatch Connections

We have worked extensively with private hire despatch systems to automate booking management as well as building pricing aggregators to combine data from multiple operators.

These systems include:

  • AutoCab Classic (DOS based solution which we reverse engineered)
  • AutoCab Ghost / IGO
  • iCabbi
  • Diplomat
  • CabDespatch
  • CodedData
  • Cordic

Mapping Services

Map service integration is more than just embedding maps in a web page. We have worked fully with various mapping APIs to integrate routing data including toll cost calculations and zoning, aggregate place and location information to populate location search controls, and plot vehicle GPS locations to identify closest available vehicle to a customer’s location.

On the front end we have embedded interactive maps showing journey routes and allowing for user selection of location. We have also used interactive maps to show real-time fleet GPS locations to private hire operators.

The services we have worked with include:

  • Google Maps
  • Bespoke GPS tracking apps 

Payment Processing & Accounting

Cashflow is king and any tools that make it easier to collect money from clients and manage that process are essential for modern businesses.

The most common understanding of payment processing is with collecting credit card payments on e-commerce stores but there is more opportunity for all kinds of businesses to take advantage of payment processing services.

We have developed our own SaaS solution TriggerPay which opens up payment processing for a wide variety of industries. Using Faster Payments with the open banking framework allows automation of payment collections with real-time reporting of payment status. This can be used for not only e-commerce, but also for automating invoice payment collection and ad-hoc payment requests.

We also have experience with integration of more traditional payment processing options with e-commerce and booking systems.

To tie it all together, integration of accountancy software can also reduce the overhead involved in bookkeeping operations with invoice automation and expense recording.

We have direct experience with the following providers:

  • JudoPay
  • Adelante
  • SagePay
  • NuaPay (Open banking framework)
  • ZohoBooks
  • Quickbooks  

Notifications and Communication

Communication is of key importance in any business. We have helped businesses provide consistent communication by integrating and automating various types of channels.  From automated emails to mobile app push notifications we keep our clients connected where it matters.

In addition to direct integration with provider APIs we also developed a micro service API to allow one of our clients to have a single contact point which then broadcasts templated and bespoke messages through multiple channels. With this custom system they have the ability to swap out individual providers without having to make any adjustments to their many separate systems that connect to this micro service.

Some of the communications providers that we have worked with include:

  • Mailgun (transactional email broadcasting)
  • VoodooSMS (sms broadcasting)
  • Missed Call software (user verification API)
  • Firebase Cloud Notifications (mobile app push notification API)