We provide seamless connection direct to banks. This enables improved speed, security, overall customer service, as well as enhanced business efficiency and lowered cost. In other words… the future of payments.  No longer a need to enter or maintain card or account details anywhere.

Flexible customisable service

We provide a flexible, customisable service to suit your business.  Our settings allow you to make the service the right fit for your business and for your customer’s needs. This ensures straightforward integration for your business.  So you can get your developers to embed the process in your existing channels or we can help you with that if needed.

We can also automate recurring/regular payments, and your customers can pay via our app, or via a secure generated sms/web link.

For further convenience your employees/agents can use our Terminal App to send payment requests to individual customers, just another way to help your business streamline payment flows.

Enhanced Reliability and Security


Our service is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), demonstrating our commitment to compliance and accountability.

With an outstanding 99.99% uptime rate, we ensure uninterrupted service, free from any payment failures.

Our system boasts 100% redundancy measures, guaranteeing continuous operation and reliability.

Employing bank-grade security protocols, we fortify our platform and transactions with utmost vigilance. Consequently, our clients enjoy lower fraud rates and enhanced peace of mind when utilising our services.

Payment Speed and Savings


The TriggerPay payment system ensures real-time settlement, with faster payments typically processed immediately, and a maximum processing time of 2 hours.

Refunds can also be actioned swiftly using faster payments.

Moreover, we offer cost savings through lower transaction fees compared to credit card processing. Plus, our system eliminates the risk of chargebacks, providing enhanced security and peace of mind for both merchants and customers.

Consumer Confidence, Convenience and Conversion Success


Our system offers a speedy, straight-through process, minimising the need for extensive data entry.

We maximise conversion rates by leveraging consumers’ familiarity with their own banks.

Additionally, we provide options for setting up regular or recurring payments, giving users flexibility and convenience in managing their transactions.

TriggerPay Tools

TriggerPay offers a full suite of applications that allow businesses to manage their payment processes and communicate with their customers.

Web-based Dashboards

Our platform offers a comprehensive dashboard for merchants, where they can efficiently manage payments, initiate ad-hoc payment requests via email and SMS, and oversee their POS terminals.

Additionally, customers have access to their own dashboard, where they can conveniently view all payments made through the TriggerPay system.

Whether you’re a merchant or a customer, our intuitive dashboards provide easy access and seamless management of transactions within the TriggerPay ecosystem.

    Mobile Apps

    TriggerPay offers native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, catering to the diverse needs of users.

    Through the customer mobile app, users can conveniently view all payments made within the TriggerPay system and receive alerts for new payment requests via mobile app notifications.

    On the merchant side, our POS terminal app allows merchants to initiate ad-hoc payment requests while on the move. Merchants can request payments via SMS, email, or QR code for in-person transactions and gain real-time insights into payment authorisations.

    Whether you’re a customer or a merchant, TriggerPay provides intuitive and efficient tools to manage transactions effectively.

    API Integration

    Our platform is an excellent choice for developer integration, offering a seamless process that enables quick setup and service initiation.

    By default, we provide a full testing environment along with comprehensive support to ensure smooth integration. Moreover, we offer flexible integration options, ranging from synchronising customer account balances to streamlining e-commerce checkout processes.

    With us, developers have the tools and support they need to integrate our services effortlessly and efficiently into their applications.